Village at Maplewood

Flag Certificates

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The Village at Maplewood is very proud of our Flag Pole install. Recently thanks to many participants and generous donations by several Village residents we have been presented with two Certificates acknowledging those efforts. The first was the “PROUDLY WE HAIL AWARD” from the Rome Exchange Club, the second and most recent was from the “NATIONAL SOCIETY OF THE SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION”. We are proud to post these most recent pictures of the certificate being presented by William S Houston(President) and Robert Evans (Flag Chairman) from SAR. Residents James Clark and Ralph White were present on behalf of the Village at Maplewood. Also present were Ronnie Dempsey(Board President) and Randell Greeson(Manager). You can see the Bronze Plaque is complete and on display in the pictures, this will be installed at the base of our flag pole in the next few months.